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The role of the Human Resources (HR) function within a company is indispensable for ensuring the seamless operation of a business. Beyond its administrative functions, HR plays a pivotal role in cultivating a harmonious and productive work environment. We wholeheartedly recognize the significance of HR in this regard, which is why we have established a dedicated platform committed to delivering pertinent and authoritative content.

Employment Law Review is committed to providing top-tier articles that shed light on the dynamic landscape of employment law. Managed by Chris Hadrill and his team at Redman’s Solicitors, our platform offers unrestricted access to a wealth of knowledge and insights relating to the HR sector and Employment Law. Although our primary audience comprises HR professionals and people-centric enterprises, we talk about a range of topics from employee rights to the role of AI in the developing workforce. There is something for everyone on Employment Law Review.

Within this platform, you will discover the latest industry updates, insightful perspectives, and legal commentary provided by our team of legal experts at Redmans. Furthermore, we offer practical guidance tailored to the needs of HR professionals and decision-makers. We deeply value community engagement, and we actively encourage our readers to participate in constructive discourse, fostering a sense of community as we collectively explore the multifaceted realm of employment law.

Editorial and General Enquires

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Send us an email at editor@employmentlawreview.co.uk and a team member will get back to you within 24-48 hours. For more information on editorial submissions, please visit the Contact Us page

Freelance Writers

We are always on the lookout for young talent and encourage you to get in touch with us. If you are looking to publish articles to build your portfolio, send our editor, Shibani Sen, an email at  shibani.sen@employmentlawreview.co.uk with “Freelance Writer” in the subject line. Please add an article title and a short pitch describing what you would like to talk about. Once reviewed, we will get back to you if we feel the article aligns with the website.