Fuller, Smith & Turner Partner with Rest Less to Attract Older Workers

Photo Credits - Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Back in October 2022, pubs and hotel company Fuller, Smith & Turner announced that they have partnered with a digital community platform for individuals aged 50 and above, Rest Less. This partnership was initiated to attract older workers who are seeking employment. 

This is a welcome initiative as the UK has an ageing workforce, making it crucial to support the older generation in employment to ensure economic activity. Among the industries, hospitality is known to employ a large number of the older workforce – making this move by Fuller’s a significant one. 

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The Campaign in Partnership with Rest Less

The press release that was published in the final quarter of 2022 explained the reasoning behind the collaboration. This collaboration includes a campaign that has been going on since early October which involves Fuller’s posting national employment opportunities on Rest Less job boards. 

People and Talent Director of Fuller’s, Dawn Browne, in the statement discussed how the company has been employing older workers – yet they only comprised 10% of their total employees. This partnership is done with the hope that the number will increase. 

“Older workers have a lot to offer us – and we have a lot to offer them, with shift lengths and work patterns to suit. We are very much a people business, and the older generation bring an exceptional level of customer service and consumer interaction,” explained further by Browne.

From the Rest Less side, this partnership is described by Chief Executive Stuart Lewis as a great recruitment strategy for older workers seeking employment after many have left due to the pandemic. He also said,  “Older workers have a huge amount to offer businesses and yet are often overlooked by recruiters.  Experience, wisdom, loyalty and reliability are just some of the common attributes that many older workers bring in spades – which is great news for Fuller’s and its customers.”

Older Generation in the UK

The UK has a rapidly ageing population. This is acknowledged by many organisations including Ageing Better, which they have deliberated through their annual State of Ageing report. Their 2022 report has found that the experience of living as an older generation is becoming worse for many. 

Their report also included the fact that the UK has one of the worst state pensions in Europe – which only provides 58% of earnings from previous work which is below the average OECD rate of 62%.

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Most recent numbers provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that there has been an increase in individuals aged over 65 in employment. The increase reached record numbers of 1.468 million – which is a 173,000 difference from the previous period. 

The largest increases happened in industries that allow for informal employment such as hospitality, arts, entertainment and recreation. 

Based on the current situation, more support is needed for the older generation in the UK to ensure a more comfortable ageing experience. The UK Government has published guidance for both older individuals seeking employment and employers to support them. They have acknowledged the need to stay at work and control retirement to ensure good mental health and well-being.


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