Our Top Employment Law Articles From February 2024

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To catch readers up on our top employment law articles from February 2024, we have curated a list below. Read our quick summaries to find your favourite topics, and click on the titles to be redirected.

Top Employment Law Articles From February 2024

  1. Leap Year Wages: Do I Get Paid Extra? – Okay, so it may be another four years before employees question how a leap year affects their wages. Despite this, it’s a frequently asked question, and it is interesting to know how the quadrennial occurrence affects pay.
  2. David Miller Wins Dismissal and Discrimination Claim; ET Say Anti-Zionist Beliefs are Protected Characteristics – In this article, we explore Professor David Miller’s controversial case. The professor was sacked because of his anti-Zionist beliefs, but a tribunal ruled he was unfairly dismissed and discriminated against. We explore what such beliefs are in law and what impact this ruling will have in the future.
  3. 74% of Job Hunters are Rejected Entry Level Jobs Due to Lack of Experience – Here, we examine the challenges many young jobseekers face, as outlined in a Virgin Media O2 survey. Following their revelations, we discuss how they look to combat the issues raised and how other employers could, too.
  4. Ex-AstraZeneca Scientist with Mental Health Disability Unfairly Dismissed – A former scientist won his unfair dismissal and disability discrimination claim after being sacked for behaviour linked to his disability. We discuss the ruling of the employment tribunal and how employers should support employees with mental health disabilities.
  5. Allergies and Office Dogs: What to Keep in Mind When Starting a Pet-Friendly Office – Workplace well-being is getting more attention. One way employers have looked at tackling stress is through the use of office dogs. Despite gaining traction due to their numerous benefits, we outline essential considerations employers must address, like employees with allergies.
  6. Senior Surgeon at Royal United Hospital Bath Takes Employer to an ET After Being Sacked For Raising Safety Concerns – In this article, we explore why a senior surgeon is taking the Royal United Hospital Bath to an employment tribunal. This comes after he was sacked for raising concerns, which included the hospital allegedly “chasing targets” and focusing on routine tooth extractions over cases of cancer.
  7. Is EY’s Employee Monitoring Method “Too Controlling”? – Since Covid and remote working, employee monitoring has become increasingly popular. One of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, EY, has recently come under scrutiny, with questions about whether their monitoring is “too controlling”. We examine how they’re monitoring their employees, the considerations they must have and how employers can balance employee monitoring correctly.
  8. Presenteeism Meaning and How HR Can Combat 71% of Employees Working When Sick – Many employers look at employee absences, but they should also consider presenteeism. This is the opposite of absenteeism and concerns employees working when they’re not well enough. Despite some believing this shows dedication to one’s career, it can negatively impact an employee’s work, and we discuss why.
  9. Could Equal Pay Soon Encompass Race and Disability? – When we say ‘equal pay’, most will probably think of gender. Well, here, we discuss how equal pay laws may eventually include race and disability, as Labour suggests legislation amendments if they get into power.
  10. Alan Sugar Says He’s “Totally Against” Working Remotely as it’s “Bad for Learning” in BBC Interview – Since remote working has become popular, Alan Sugar hasn’t been shy to make his thoughts known on the matter. We highlight the public’s reaction to his views, the pros and cons of remote working and whether a hybrid model could be the answer.

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