Our Top Employment Law Articles From January 2024

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In case readers missed our top employment law articles from January 2024, we’ve compiled a list below. So, to check out January’s most significant updates, click on the preferred title to be redirected to the full article.

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January 2024 Top Employment Law Articles

  1. Employees Want Workplace Training – And Here is What They Are Looking For – A recent survey has highlighted that 41% of employees could move jobs if their employer doesn’t provide adequate training opportunities. As such, we explore how employers could improve employee retention and organisation success.
  2. 2024 Employment Law Changes HR Should Keep in Mind – From minimum wage increases to improved flexible working rights, the UK is set for several law changes in 2024. Here, we discuss the changes employers should be aware of to remain legally compliant and maintain a positive workplace environment.
  3. Parents Can Now Apply for 15 Hours of Free Childcare for Two-Year-Olds – Eligible parents can now apply for free childcare. In this article, we examine how individuals can apply for support and address the positive impacts it could bring.
  4. Google Backtracks on DEI Initiatives Due to Budget Constraints – In 2020, racial injustice protests, fueled by George Floyd’s murder, influenced Google to announce diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. However, CNBC has since reported that Google has backtracked on several promises, claiming finances as the primary factor. Here, we talk about Google’s decision in more detail and why DEI training matters.
  5. Here’s Why Companies Should Focus on Retaining Employees in January and Not Just Hiring – As 2023 passed us by, a fresh wave of new year job quitters was upon us. Therefore, we outline the importance of employee retention and the steps employers can take to retain their talent.
  6. Workplace Culture 2024: Trends to Look Out For – A company’s success goes hand in hand with its culture. That’s because supporting employees and giving them the tools to prosper will positively impact their business. This article highlights the importance of workplace culture and trends employers should jump on in 2024.
  7. Employee Benefits Are a Priority for Job Seekers Due to Cost of Living Problems – 67% of younger employees would potentially change jobs for a better benefits package. The cost of living crisis has influenced this, and we explore how and why employers should improve their benefits.
  8. Lloyds Payout to Cross £1m After ET Sides with Bank Manager Who was Unfairly Sacked – After being sacked for using the N-word during an anti-racism seminar, a former employee has won £490,000. This comes after he succeeded with his unfair dismissal claim. Here, we discuss what happened, the employment tribunal’s judgment and why DEI training is crucial.
  9. AI More Likely to Displace Workers in High Paying Jobs – An International Monetary Fund report highlights that those in high-paying jobs could most likely lose them to AI. As such, we delve into their analysis and whether AI will actually assist workers rather than replace them.
  10. Performance-Related Pay to be Removed for Teachers from September 2024 – Following years of criticism and debate, performance-related pay (PRP) for teachers is set to be scrapped. In this article, we outline what PRP is, the arguments for and against it, and why this decision was made.
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