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BP Toughens Workplace Relationship Policy to Mitigate Conflicts of Interest

BP has implemented a new Workplace Relationship Policy. It requires the disclosure of any inter-colleague relationships regardless of whether they may cause conflicts of interest. This comes after the...

IKEA Reveals How it Tackled Its High Staff Turnover Crisis

In 2022, around 62,000 employees left IKEA every year—more than one-third of its global staff. This was costing...

Liberal Democrats Catering To UK Working Dads as They Pledge Better Paternity Rights

The Liberal Democrats have promised a “dad’s month” of paternity leave if they're successful in next month’s general...

Gender Pay Gap Will Take 45 Years To Close; What Can We Do To Bridge The Gap Now?

It will take 45 years for the gender pay gap to close in the UK. This is according...

Whistleblower Who Feared For Her Safety After Reporting Sheesha Den Wins £31K

Farah Ahmad, a former employee of the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) charity, told a tribunal that she felt...

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