AI-Generated CEO “Andrew” is Proof of the Still Prevalent Gender and Pay Inequality Among CEOs

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Previously, it has been heavily documented how there is gender and pay inequality among CEOs. With the growing use of AI, People Managing People (PMP) have created an AI-generated CEO, further outlining this issue with a modern twist.

This article looks at the CEO created by AI and discusses the shortfalls it highlights with gender and pay. Although there are deficiencies regarding gender and pay among CEOs, legal rights remain. Moreover, these rights apply to all eligible workers, not just CEOs. Therefore, this article discusses those rights and what to do if someone faces pay or gender discrimination at work.

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What We Cover

  1. Who Is “Andrew” And How Was The AI-Generated CEO Created?
  2. What Does This AI-Generated CEO Tell Us About Gender Pay Inequality?
  3. What Can I Do If I Experience Gender Discrimination?
  4. Get Help Making An Equal Pay Claim

Who Is “Andrew” And How Was the AI-Generated CEO Created?

Several studies have previously highlighted the apparent gender pay gap among CEOs and upper management. PMP has taken this one step further by asking AI to combine the faces of all CEOs in the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100.

PMP collated the images, ages, educational backgrounds and salaries of the FTSE 100 CEOs, leading to the AI-generated CEO, Andrew. As a middle-aged white man with almost no noticeable female characteristics, Andrew shows the gender disparity of FTSE 100 CEOs.

What Does This AI-Generated CEO Tell Us About Gender Pay Inequality?

During data collection and analysis, PMP found that of the FTSE 100 CEOs, only 11 were females. This imbalance was highlighted further as there were more CEOs named Andrew or Simon than females in this role, hence why the AI-generated CEO was named Andrew.

In addition, it was found that the average salary for male CEOs was £899,000 more than their female counterparts. This means they are paid 23.5% less than males in the same role.

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What’s more, it’s unlikely these issues will be resolved soon. INvolve, the diversity and inclusion consultancy and global network, has discovered that it will likely take until 2076 for gender equality amongst FTSE 100 CEOs to be met.

What Can I Do If I Experience Gender Discrimination?

Despite the shortfalls highlighted by the AI-generated CEO, there are sex and equal pay equality laws. The Equality Act 2010 and the Equal Pay Statutory Code of Practice govern the laws regarding equal pay. They establish that men and women must be provided equal pay for the completion of equal work. 

Equal pay comprises many forms of payment, including:

  • Basic salary
  • Annual leave allowance
  • Sick pay

Equal work could be where the roles and requirements are the same or similar. It could also be work rated as equivalent or of equal value. ACAS, a non-departmental public body, provide an example, stating that a clerical job and a warehouse job could be considered equal work.

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It’s important to note that there are circumstances where it’s possible not to provide equal pay. This may be because someone else is more qualified, located somewhere with a higher cost of living or works nights. However, if a valid reason cannot be presented for the inequality of pay, steps could be taken to resolve the matter.

First, the employer could be made aware of the issue informally. This may resolve the matter and prevent formal steps from being required. If the problem isn’t dealt with, formal steps could be taken, known as ‘raising a formal grievance’. If the matter remains unresolved, an equal pay claim could be made to an employment tribunal.

Get Help Making An Equal Pay Claim

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