Employee Mental Health Will Improve in 2023, Says Koa Health

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Mental health solutions provider firm Koa Health expects employee mental health in the UK to improve in 2023. This improvement is expected due to plans of companies to become more open about mental health and well-being in the workplace. Initiatives to improve mental health within the workplace are becoming increasingly needed, with many having sought support from their employers for their mental health.

In recent years, mental health awareness has become more prevalent – although many are still struggling to balance it with work. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that 51% of work-related ill health cases are caused by mental health conditions, such as stress, depression or anxiety.

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Going into the new year, companies are expected to contribute more to their support for employee well-being, particularly mental health. Many organisations have been reported by CIPD to have employee well-being as a priority, and hopefully, in the new year, more initiatives will be introduced to further support employees.

Koa Health Research

The research by Koa Health, in partnership with 3Gem Research and Insights, found that 70% of UK organisations who were participants in this research believe that mental health will improve in 2023. As a provider of solutions in mental health, they have stated that the number one priority for employers when investing in mental health support is to protect their employees’ quality of life.

77% of companies also mentioned that their employees are now more likely to make use of mental health benefits compared to the previous year. This increase in use is what is driving optimism about mental health improvement in the new year. However, it is also shown in this research that only 39% of executive leadership teams are predicted to allow additional spending on mental health.

Overall, the current barriers in mental health are noted to be stigma and the creation of an open culture towards mental health – which has been shown to be addressed as 93% of UK organisations now offer mental health support or benefits of some kind. Employers should note how to provide the right support for their employees’ mental health as this will create a sense of trust and community. In the long run, employees are more likely to stay in their organisations if they feel supported.

Recommendations for Employers

Providing adequate support for employees is vital to attract people to join organisations as well as retaining them. With awareness of well-being becoming more of a concern, employers who are not currently prioritising the mental health of their employees should start initiatives in the coming year.

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The sense of trust built within a workplace environment can go a long way in improving employee quality of life, business performance and talent development. Most employees’ waking hours are spent doing work which means employers are at the forefront in supporting them to strive and have a good work-life balance. Hopefully, improvements in mental health support offered to UK workers will be seen in 2023.


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