Following the Collapse of Flybe, Ryanair Fast Tracks Recruitment

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Regional airline Flybe went into administration on 28 January, cancelling all flights and operations from then on. With Flybe staff now seeking other employment, budget airline Ryanair has enacted a fast-track recruitment scheme for Flybe staff. Areas of roles include cabin crew, flight crew, engineers, ground staff and office staff.

The goal is to get staff back into employment as soon as possible. Amidst an economic downfall, this has become a welcome initiative to support staff that have lost their jobs from the collapse of Flybe.

“Flybe Staff We Want You”

In an online job advert, Ryanair Group has set up a page dedicated to Flybe staff seeking employment with the airline. Within the description, they have listed roles with immediate availability.

Additionally, Ryanair Group has also conducted a recruitment roadshow for Flybe Staff on 2 February at the Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Airport. With acknowledging the tough time Flybe staff may be experiencing, Ryanair group is aiming to help through this initiative.

Flybe Collapse Throughout the Years

This was not the first time Flybe has gotten into financial trouble. The airline that previously used the names Jersey European and British European did quite well for several decades. However, things did not stay that way which led to Flybe’s first bust in March 2020 – coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic. Thousands lost their jobs, and many customers lost their travel plans.

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The airline was then re-established at Birmingham Airport through the purchase of the airline by Cyrus Capital in April 2022. It had a large operation at Belfast City Airport, with links to destinations such as Heathrow and Amsterdam.

However, with intense competition with various airlines – as well as frequent flight cancellations – Flybe ceased to attract enough customers to stay afloat. Ultimately, the decline was inevitable.

Response to the News

After the announcement, the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) released a statement on their site. They admit that they regret the collapse of the airline and acknowledged that terrible effects will be felt by Flybe staff, customers and UK civil aviation.

The statement, which included remarks from Martin Chalk, General Secretary of BALPA, mentions that some Flybe staff have recently endured a previous bankruptcy and is now subject to another. Going ahead, BALPA will seek measures to support affected members.

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Other than Ryanair, British Airways and easyJet have also welcomed Flybe staff to apply for roles at their airlines. Similarly, Wizz Air UK have conducted an online recruitment event and in-person recruiting drives in Birmingham for Flybe Staff.

As of 28 January, David Pike and Mike Pink have been appointed by the High Court as Joint Administrators of Flybe Limited. The two have the authorisation to act as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. David Pike has also stated that as joint administrators, they will provide support which includes making claims from the Redundancy Payments Service and gaining access to important records and information.


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