Holland & Barrett Recognized as Menopause-Friendly Employer

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Holland & Barrett, a retail company focusing on health and wellness products, received accreditation for being a menopause-friendly employer as they have shown efforts to create an inclusive and positive work environment for menopausal employees. The accreditation was established by Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace

This is further reflected in research that Holland & Barrett commissioned which has illustrated their commitment to understanding menopause and its effects on employment. Within this study, they discovered that 61% of women do not talk about menopause and among them, 61% have admitted that fear of being judged is the main reason. 

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The Survey by Holland & Barrett

The study that they commissioned involved 2,000 menopausal women, which aimed to address the topic openly. As part of their support, Holland & Barrett is providing dedicated spaces in select city stores where women can freely discuss their menopause experiences. Furthermore, they have trained 4,000 employees to offer menopause advice and guidance.

Although 83% of women believe that menopause is now less of a taboo subject, the survey revealed that 33% have faced negative reactions when sharing their experiences, including dismissive responses. This has led to only 51% feeling comfortable discussing the matter with family and friends.

In response, Holland & Barrett has joined forces with TV presenter Cherry Healey to launch the menopause Pause & Listen Pledge. This initiative encourages individuals to pledge their commitment to unconditionally listen to and support those going through menopause.

The survey also uncovered that 24% of women have encountered “menosplaining,” where others attempted to explain their menopause experiences instead of genuinely listening. Women expressed that they would feel supported (43%), normal (37%), confident (17%), and less anxious (15%) if they had someone who simply listened to their experiences without interruptions or judgment.

To participate in the Pledge, individuals can sign up at Holland & Barrett stores or through the company’s website. Holland & Barrett’s efforts aim to foster an environment where menopausal women are heard, understood, and supported.

What They Have Done So Far

Holland & Barrett has taken significant steps to support their employees during the menopause transition. More than 4,000 staff members have undergone extensive health training focused on menopause education. Additionally, an e-learning module on menopause has been made available to all employees throughout the organization.

To further enhance their support, Holland & Barrett has identified fifteen individuals with the highest level of accredited health and wellness training. These individuals have received additional training and resources, enabling them to offer free menopause talks and conduct information workshops in workplaces and community groups across the UK. This initiative aims to improve awareness and education surrounding menopause.

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In order to provide personalized assistance, staff members have the opportunity to book a free 15-minute consultation with a menopausal health nurse. They also have access to the company’s Guide to Menopause, which not only directs them to internal support services but also provides information on how to request extra uniforms, access portable desk fans, and engage in productive well-being conversations with their line managers.

Recognizing the importance of mental health support, Holland & Barrett offers free counselling through its 24/7 employee assistance program. They have also trained 50 mental health first aiders who are available to provide additional support and assistance.

By implementing these comprehensive resources and initiatives, Holland & Barrett aims to ensure that their employees feel supported, empowered, and equipped to effectively manage their menopause symptoms while at work.


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