New AI Platform Launched for HR Professionals

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A new AI platform will soon incorporate the HR world. March 2023, talent management software firm Beamery announced their latest platform – TalentGPT. Among the rising demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) software since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, TalentGPT has become the first generative AI for HR technology.

Previously, we have referenced a publication by the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) which mentioned that technology will continue to permeate all occupations, including HR. This article further discusses how AI will be implemented for HR professionals, mentioning that there are different ways AI will impact these roles.

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The introduction of TalentGPT proves that automation in HR roles is expediting, which will be seen by this platform.

AI Platform TalentGPT – What is It?

For context, Beamery has provided talent lifecycle management products and services since 2013. In this case, it is not a surprise that they have now taken the route of introducing AI technology for HR purposes.

Since late 2022, we have seen AI becoming more prevalent in the media. Many are becoming more familiar with AI technologies through platforms like ChatGPT as well as AI photo generator apps. Moving forward, it can be assumed that more AI technologies will be introduced for other sectors and usages.

TalentGPT was introduced to provide personalised experiences for all parties in recruiting, including managers, recruiters, candidates and employees. This is possible through a combination of technologies, which include Beamery’s own AI, OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other Large Langue Models (LLMs).

GPT-4 has been making headlines since it is released by OpenAI which has become a significant player in AI technologies. Not only that, GPT-4 is the newest model which launched on March 14 and is said to be the most capable version yet, although it still has some shortcomings.

Through the usage of these technologies, TalentGPT can generate detailed job descriptions that include skills that are lacking in the company as well as qualities that ensure high levels of success. Further, it can also generate email templates that are personalised and contextualised to each candidate and give career progression recommendations.

On the launch, Sultan Saidov, Beamery’s co-founder and President said: “We are not just incorporating TalentGPT into all of our products – this new technology is enabling us to radically simplify and redesign all of our user experiences.”

Artificial Intelligence and Jobs

Although platforms like TalentGPT and ChatGPT provide a more efficient and streamlined working process for many roles, it is also changing the way jobs will be organised and assigned. A rising concern is mentioned in a recent report by Goldman Sachs, in which they estimated that 300 million jobs are in danger of being lost or diminished due to AI.

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However, the report also mentions that AI will also create new jobs and ultimately boost innovation, growth and lower costs. It is mentioned that automation will affect roles in admin support, legal, architecture and engineering, business and finance, management, sales, healthcare and design.

Ultimately, AI has become a significant topic to be concerned about as it gains more traction and usage in the workplace. It is now time for employers and employees to become aware of future strategies to ensure that they can keep up.


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