September Surge: Only Two More Weeks Till The Ideal Recruitment Month Ends!

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This month we have seen the phrase “September Surge” make waves on social media platforms, as recruiters and candidates discuss the increased hiring in the month of September. 

After a slow period during the summer holidays, hiring has resumed from the return of recruiters and candidates continuing their job searches. September has also traditionally been considered a significant month for hiring, as companies intensify their efforts to secure top talent before the year’s end.

With just two weeks remaining in this month, both employers and job seekers are acutely aware of the ongoing opportunities. Whether you’re an HR professional looking to fill key roles or a candidate pursuing your career goals, now is the time to leverage the September Surge.

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What is the September Surge?

Earlier this month the term “September Surge” became trending on TikTok, with one video surrounding it gaining over 600,000 views and 100,000 likes. The video was posted by a recruiter under the TikTok username @chanelle.howell, in which she urged job seekers to maximise the September Surge by getting their resumes and LinkedIn profiles ready. 

She goes on to explain that as many executives have returned from their summer holidays, as well as companies finishing Q3 and looking to increase performance in Q4 before the year ends, September becomes a vital time in hiring. 

This sentiment is shared by LinkedIn users as according to a LinkedIn poll by Hays, 56% of the 2,908 voters involved think that September is the perfect time to find a job. 

However, as noted by the Huffington Post, some experts such as Guy Berger, principal economist and head of macroeconomic trends at LinkedIn remain with the stance that January is the busiest time for hiring. 

The Buzz on Social Media

In response to the poll by Hays, many users shared their thoughts on the phenomenon. One user commented “Almost all my jobs I started in September so far :)” and another said, “It’s a good time for me.”

On X (formerly Twitter), many users posted about the trending topic. 

Overall, on X, the attitude surrounding the September Surge is mixed. Many are feeling hopeful that the month will bring them new opportunities, but others have not experienced the surge. Users also mention that this year the surge may be less noticeable compared to the previous September due to ongoing economic challenges. Additionally, many have also warned others that the surge has brought an increase in job scams.

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Recommendations for Job Seekers

If you’re aiming for a new job by the end of the year, you’re still in a decent position, though not as favourable as in late 2021 and early 2022 when the economy boomed due to government stimulus and Covid-related business reopenings. The job market still leans towards job seekers, but it’s more competitive. Here are some tips to make your application stand out:

  • Apply early
  • Network. After applying, drop a message to the recruiter or hiring manager to express your interest.
  • Be flexible with interviews. Don’t delay in scheduling interviews; teams may want to move quickly.
  • Connect your expertise to the company’s mission during interviews.

Regardless of whether there’s a significant surge in job openings in September, use the end of summer to prepare your application for potential hiring increases in the new year.

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