Top 10 Employment Law Articles From November 2023

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Today, we take a look at some of our most-read employment law articles from November 2023. Click the link on the title to read the full article.

  1. National Stress Awareness Day 2023: Five Ways to Prevent Employee BurnoutStress has become a part of every UK worker, thanks to the fast-paced life we lead. We discuss the impact of stress and how it affects 1.8 million working individuals causing stress-related illnesses and burnout.
  2. Flexible Working Is for Lazy Employees Claim CEOs – While there is a rise in the popularity of flexible working, many CEOs are critical of it. In this article, we dive into what these CEOs are saying, the impact of flexible working on UK employees, and how you can make a flexible working request.
  3. Brit Workers Want Dog-Friendly Offices: Exploring Pet Benefits for Employee Retention – Employers need to offer benefits that actually help employees and pet-related benefits are at the top of that list. In this article, we look into how pet insurance and pet-friendly policies can impact the workforce and improve employee retention.
  4. Govt’s Back to Work Plan Faces Backlash as Possibility of Losing Benefits Arise – While the government is planning on boosting employment for people who have not had jobs for a prolonged period, some concerns are being raised about the ‘back to work’ plan. Critics say that the proposed sanctions, particularly the removal of benefits for extended periods, could worsen both mental health issues and the financial situation of vulnerable individuals.
  5. What’s Going on at McDonalds?: CEO Admits to Receiving Sexual Harassment Claims Every Day – Despite signing an agreement with EHRC to protect its employees, McDonald’s has faced major scrutiny amidst sexual harassment claims. Our brief article elaborates on what’s happening at Mcdonald’s, and how you can report sexual harassment if you are a McDonald’s employee.
  6. Ryanair Social Media Manager’s Resignation is Proof That Building Company Culture is Essential – Company culture is one of the top reasons for UK employees to either leave or stay with a company. We explore the reason behind Ryanair’s social media manager quitting and how small changes in company culture can go a long way. With 2024 upon us in just a few days, it’s time to prioritise company culture.
  7. Number of Working Mothers Has Increased, But One in Five are Still Paying “Motherhood Penalty”The “motherhood penalty” is a term used to describe the disadvantages and discrimination that working mothers often face in the workforce. Our article talks about how despite the increase in working women, many are facing issues like guilt regarding work, high childcare costs and progression issues.
  8. Tackling Organisational Culture Issues will be One of the Key HR Priorities in 2024 – HR leaders need to make changes in the coming year to improve company culture and successfully tackle issues like skills shortages or low productivity. In this article, we elaborate on what HR leaders need to prioritise in 2024 and how they can do it.
  9. Reports Show That Mothers Are Reducing Maternity Leave Due to Financial Struggles – The growing costs of childcare as well as discrimination against working moms, has led to them reducing their maternity pay. Our article dives into how these issues are impacting working mums in the UK and how maternity policies need to offer more support.
  10. Former Case Worker’s Claims were Vexatious From the Start; Duncan Lewis Solicitors Awarded £20,000 in Employment Tribunal Claim – After a vexatious claim by ex-employee, an employment tribunal sided with Duncan Lewis Solicitors stating that the ex-employee brought these claims to cause frustration. In our article, we talk about the case and how employers can tackle similar situations.

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