Top 10 Employment Law Articles From October 2023

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Today, we take a look at some of our most-read employment law articles from October 2023. Click the link on the title to read the full article.

  1. Sean Corby v ACAS: ET Sides with ACAS Conciliator and Says His Beliefs Are Worthy of Respect: After Sean Corby was asked to take down posts he made about critical race theory, he made a claim against ACAS stating he was discriminated against based on religion and belief. We take a look at the case and what the employment tribunal said.
  2. Employee Share Schemes: What are They and How are They Beneficial?: Employee share schemes are an excellent way to retain as well as attract talent. We dive into the different share schemes UK organisations may be a part of.
  3. How Can Employers Provide Working Parents Mental Health Support?: Apart from higher salaries and remote working options, working parents need support that will ease not just their financial load but also their mental load. Employer support can take many forms and that’s what we talk about in this article.
  4. AI-Generated CEO “Andrew” is Proof of the Still Prevalent Gender and Pay Inequality Among CEOs: An AI-generated CEO by People Managing People shows how big the gap between gender and pay still is. The article discusses the analysis of the data collected as well as what you can do if you face discrimination at work.
  5. ICO Publishes Employee Monitoring Guidance: Key Points For HR: With working from home becoming the norm, employers are gravitating towards monitoring their remote workers.  We look at the key findings of the ICO and explore what they recommend employers do before monitoring employees.
  6. Challenging Workplace Stigma: Thriving as an Employee with OCD in the Workplace: Employees with OCD often tend to struggle in the workplace, even with situations that may seem easy to other employees. We explore how employees suffering from OCD can make their workday easier as well as how employers can offer support.
  7. British Soldier’s Tragic Death: A Call for Stronger Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws: After British soldier, Jaysley Beck, took her own life, an investigative report shed light on how unwelcome, sexual behaviour from her boss could’ve led to it. This article talks about Gunner Beck’s case as well as shortfalls in reporting sexual harassment.
  8. Hidden Superpowers: How Dyslexia in the Workplace Can Be a Blessing:  While dyslexia is a learning disability, there are many ways dyslexic employees can contribute to the workplace. Read the full article to know how!
  9. National Living Wage to Increase in 2024 But it May Still Fall Short of Real Living Wage: Jeremy Hunt made an announcement earlier in October about the increase in National Living Wage. However, the Director of the Living Wage Foundation says it may still fall short of the real living wage.
  10. £25,000 Awarded to Trans Woman in Deadnaming Case – Key Points for HR: A trans woman was awarded £25K in the first sex discrimination case regarding deadnaming. We talk about the case and how HR can avoid deadnaming transgender employees.

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