Our Top Employment Law Articles From April 2024

Our Top Employment Law Articles From April 2024
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To catch up on our top employment law articles from April 2024, we’ve curated a list below. Browse our concise summaries to find the topics of interest, and click on the titles for more information.

Top Employment Law Articles From April 2024

  1. The Need For Menopause Policy at Work Increases as 3.5 Million Consider Quitting Due to Menopause Symptoms – Millions of working women are considering resigning due to inadequate menopause support at work. Consequently, this could pose significant challenges for employers already facing a skills shortage. In light of Simplyhealth’s revelations, employers must prioritise implementing comprehensive menopause policies to retain talent and create a more equitable workplace.
  2. Jeremy Hunt Says £100K is Not Enough, So How Else Can Employers Support Working Parents? – Jeremy Hunt’s controversial remarks have highlighted working parents’ current financial strains. With childcare costs consuming a significant portion of income, employers must provide appropriate support. This helps workers during the cost of living crisis and mitigates productivity declines and legal risks for employers.
  3. Sex Discrimination Claim Dismissed: London Underground Upholds Saturday Work Policy – An employment tribunal dismissed a female London underground train driver’s sex discrimination claim. The tribunal acknowledged the potential disadvantages for women in weekend work due to childcare responsibilities. Despite this, they favoured the employer’s legitimate reasons for rejecting her requests.
  4. Stress Awareness Month: Worker Compensation For Stress at Work Claims – April 2024 marks Stress Awareness Month, highlighting the importance of workplace well-being. This article explores the causes and symptoms of work-related stress. We discuss the support employers should offer and the measures employees can take if they don’t.
  5. A&E Doctor Unfairly Sacked after Sending Messages to Ex-Patient – An employment tribunal ruled that an A&E doctor was unfairly dismissed after being suspended for six years. This occurred following allegations of inappropriate communication with a vulnerable patient. The tribunal criticised the NHS for unnecessary delays and decided the doctor should have faced disciplinary action rather than dismissal.
  6. ET Sides with Upmarket B&B Worker After Male Boss Claims Changing Sheets is a “Woman’s Job” in Sex Discrimination Case – A B&B worker won her constructive dismissal claim after being told that changing bed sheets was a “woman’s job”. The employment tribunal ruled that these sexist comments and the subsequent lack of action violated her dignity. As a result, a hearing to determine her compensation was scheduled for 7 May 2024.
  7. Rishi Sunak Vows to End “Sick Note Culture” To Prevent People From Using Benefits as a Lifestyle Choice – Rishi Sunak has pledged to end the “sick note culture”, shifting the focus from limitations to individuals’ work capabilities. The proposed changes include transferring the authority to issue sick notes from GPs to specialist work and health professionals. They also include strengthening the Work Capability Assessment to prevent system exploitation. Medical professionals warn that while the reforms could improve workplace productivity, employee well-being must be prioritised.
  8. Ex-BBC Commentator Claims Unfair Dismissal Following Whistleblowing Incident – Former BBC commentator Ian Stringer is seeking compensation through an employment tribunal, alleging unfair dismissal for whistleblowing. Stringer claims he was bullied and subsequently terminated after reporting a breach of Covid rules by his station editor. He also contends that his dismissal was influenced by an investigation into his social media activities. The tribunal will determine if Stringer’s claims of whistleblowing and unfair dismissal are valid, potentially entitling him to compensation.
employment law articles april 2024
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