TUC’s Paul Nowak Says Labour’s New Deal for Working People Will Be a “Gamechanger”

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In a bold declaration, Paul Nowak, the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), has hailed Labour’s New Deal for Working People as a “gamechanger” that will revolutionise the lives of working Britons. 

Speaking at a recent Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference, Nowak urged employers to embrace Labour’s economic reset and collaborate with unions to boost productivity, skills, and security at work.

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Paul Nowak on the New Deal

Nowak’s assertion underscores the TUC’s support for Labour’s plan to empower workers and revitalise the British economy. Labour’s New Deal, meticulously crafted in partnership with affiliated trade unions, promises a comprehensive overhaul of workers’ rights, addressing long-standing issues such as low pay, insecure employment, and inadequate work-life balance.

Central to Labour’s New Deal is the unwavering commitment to strengthen individual and collective rights from the very first day of employment. This includes ensuring all workers enjoy basic entitlements such as sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and protection against unfair dismissal. By abolishing the qualifying period for these essential rights, Labour aims to create a workforce that is both secure and empowered.

Recognising the detrimental impact of fire and rehire practices, Labour vows to make it illegal for employers to dismiss and rehire workers solely to worsen their terms and conditions. This move will safeguard workers against exploitation and ensure their rights are not trampled upon under the threat of job loss.

Labour’s New Deal for Working People

In a move that will resonate with working families across the country, Labour pledges to make work more family-friendly, balancing professional and personal commitments. 

This includes enhancing maternity and paternity leave, implementing paid family and carers’ leave, and making flexible working arrangements, including remote and hybrid options, a default right for all workers.

Labour’s New Deal also tackles the issue of zero-hours contracts, which have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, leaving workers in a state of perpetual uncertainty. By banning these exploitative contracts, Labour aims to provide workers with the stability and predictability they deserve.

Recognising the vital role of trade unions in advocating for workers’ rights, Labour commits to strengthening their position. This includes repealing the Trade Union Act and the anti-strike laws, updating trade union legislation to align with modern workplace realities, and introducing new rights to facilitate union recruitment and organisation.

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Furthermore, Labour seeks to reverse the decline of collective bargaining, a practice that has eroded workers’ bargaining power and contributed to stagnant wages. By introducing Fair Pay Agreements, Labour aims to drive up pay and conditions, ensuring workers receive fair compensation for their labour.


Paul Nowak’s passionate endorsement of Labour’s New Deal reflects the TUC’s belief in the transformative power of this plan. With its emphasis on strengthening workers’ rights, promoting work-life balance, and empowering unions, Labour’s New Deal has the potential to usher in a new era of fairness, prosperity, and respect for working people in Britain.

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