Deliveroo to Invest £2.5 Million in Developing Riders Skills

Photo Credits - Carl Campbell via Unsplash

15,000 Deliveroo riders will be given the opportunity to enrol in the skills development course provided by Deliveroo. This course will allow drivers to undertake qualifications in various industries.

The company has set aside £2.5 million to fund this development programme, following last year’s announcement of the partnership between Deliveroo and the GMB trade union. This partnership meant that Deliveroo riders are now self-employed workers with a union which will ensure consultation and collective bargaining rights for them.

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At the end of the programme, riders will obtain digital certificates which can then be used to show their interest and qualification in their chosen sector. They will also be given access to information on hiring companies in their chosen industry.

Deliveroo Rider Academy

Prior to this year, Deliveroo has already established a structure for developing their riders’ employability and skills through the Deliveroo Rider Academy. Through this initiative, the company is providing riders and families access to new opportunities and pursuing their passions. Based on their webpage, riders can enrol in the programmes and another family member or dependant.

The new initiative that was announced last month is in partnership with City & Guilds, with which they have had prior collaborations. Deliveroo currently provides hundreds of online courses as well as scholarships that are made possible through collaboration with City & Guilds.

Additionally, the online courses available to the riders are also created through a partnership with OpenClassrooms. These courses are free and easily accessible that include projects and exercises that will contribute to boosting employability.

Courses include Python Basics for Data Analysis, Dive into UX Design, Manage a Team, Prepare Professional Written Documents and Discover Digital Marketing.

Further, through this academy, Deliveroo drivers will be able to request an information pack to apply for new jobs and rent or buy houses. This information pack include details on rider accounts and recent earnings.

Ready for Work Courses

Deliveroo is now offering new career preparation programmes for UK riders seeking to improve their careers. They have established the Ready for Work courses for Deliveroo drivers to begin their new careers in their chosen sectors. The courses will provide riders with coaching sessions, one-on-one mentorship and access to career opportunities.

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Among the currently available programmes, they have set up three courses which are Ready for Construction, Ready for Care and Ready for Hospitality. These programmes are aimed at giving riders a real-life view of what these careers will entail, as well as familiarising them with employers in those sectors so that they will have a good sense when applying.

Riders who sign up for these courses will be able to complete them anytime in a 12-month period. The programmes are available on a first come first served basis and are currently open for Deliveroo drivers across the UK.


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